Use LinkedIn as a sales channel and always look for new opportunities


In recent days I received many messages from people who ask me how to use LinkedIn to sell domains and I decided with a few lines to give some clarity ….

LinkedIn is a business social network, here very rarely can be seen pictures and videos of meowing kittens, dogs chasing her tail or smiling babies …. so the chance to meet a serious person and get serious offer is not small.

The network is used by freelancers, small business owners, employees in small and large companies, as well as high level managers at large companies.


Getting Started with LinkedIn

Make your profile – I mean a nice, tight and professional profile, do not put the photo of your prom or picture from the beach vacation  ….

Fill out your profile at least 90%

Start gradually contact with other people, start with those you know and slowly head towards the people in the business that interests you.

In the “Summary” fill out a brief information about yourself and note that you deal with domain names, will not be wrong if you put a few of your domains too.

One of the best hits of LinkedIn is “Pulse” – much like the Facebook news feed, but filled with much valuable news ….


How to find the “Pulse”

Go to your profile, then click on “Interests”, from the drop down menu, find the “Pulse” and you’re done, you can now read the latest posts or post your own.


Do not be spammer

Post regular in “Pulse”, connect with new people, but do not be a spammer, what I mean …. do not send messages to people asking to buy your domain, if some take an interest in your domain believe me, he will contact you.

Hope this helps and is enough to start

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