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Do we use all the possibilities provided to us to promote and sell our domains?

When I started “selling” domains, I was only interested in the prices of domains, which I watched in Sedo and GoDaddy ( thousands of dollars ), but reality shows that this is not enough if we want to be successful in this business. It is not easy to sell a domain name for a few thousand, it requires a lot of work and diligence…

Over time, through many mistakes I found useful methods to promote and sell my domains and will try to share some of them with you.

We all know that a premium domain can bring significant income, so even one sale during the year is enough, but what happens when we do not have premium domains in our portfolio – in this case we must sell 4-5 domains a month, and that’s not easy.

I’ll start first with the social networks, I will note that I am not Guru in this area, but I learned how to benefit from them. Since the beginning of 2016 I sold 7 domain through various social networks, such sales brought me a profit of $ 900, as I have invested only $ 70 :).



At first it seemed the most pointless social network in which nothing interesting happened, but over time I began to get used to it and learned to enjoy the benefits which LinkedIn offers ….

The first and most important thing is to make a profile, I guess many of us do not attach great importance to LinkedIn, but there you can meet many business owners or employees of large companies that at one time might be yours clients so fill some information in your profile and make it interesting, because you will never have the opportunity to make a second first impression. LinkedIn allows you to connect with people, to follow companies, to join groups and probably the most important is that you can post topics whit a large and beautiful pictures accompanied with links – use this opportunity, so many people will find that you exist on this planet …..



I will not write much about Facebook – I do not know anyone who does not use this social network – it is part of our everyday life and I will only say that Facebook has enough groups for buying and selling domains, become a member of each of them – there are groups of 50 -100 people, but there are those with at 7000-8000 so nothing to lose.



Twitter is great …. Here you can search for people and companies from a specific field, just start to follow those which you think would be suitable for you, most of them probably will start to follow you back, it is very important to collect followers natural (Why you needed 5k followers when you do not benefit from them and they are not interested in your product or service). You can easily put links to your Landing Page or auction for your domain, just make your posts interesting (you have available 140 characters) use relevant hashtags, so more easily to reach the desired audience.


Domain markets where to show your portfolio for free

The options are few, but I will focus only on the ones  which I use most often and have friendly interface.


Flippa is not just a place for auctions, the platform enables you to upload your domain and create a portfolio for free, the choices are two – upload domain in your Flippa portfolio without changing the DNS, you can select “fixed price” or “make an offer”.

Upload domain change DNS and get Flippa Landing Page – domain can be with “fixed price” or again with option for “make an offer”, it is easy and not time consuming.

In this case, every time someone types your domain name in their browser will be taken to your Flippa Landing Page – this is all completely free, you owe 10% commission if you sell domain trough Flippa, but creating your Flippa portfolio is free.

Flippa landing page

Flippa lending page

Here are the statistics of visits:

flippa.com – Daily Visitors: 310,675

Traffic by Country:

India 104,076 (33%)

United States 27,339 (9.0%)

Pakistan 19,883 (6.0%)

United Kingdom 11,495 (4.0%)

Canada 8,078 (3.0%)



This is another market which I personally like very much, very easy and convenient to use, in the same way as in flippa… you can create your own portfolio of domains,  setup your domains with a fixed price or the other option is make an offer, if you decide to change the DNS of your domains with those of Undeveloped, automatically you get wonderful Landing Page.

When the domain is sold through their platform also due commission, but no free lunch anywhere 🙂

Undeveloped landing page

Undeveloped landing page

undeveloped.com – Daily Visitors: 25,605

Traffic by Country:

India 6,094 (24%)

Netherlands 4,046 (16%)

Spain 2,356 (9.0%)

United States 1,997 (8.0%)

Canada 1,690 (7.0%)



Everyone knows Sedo and almost any of us use them, but I will say two words about them, upload domains for free – again two options – “fixed price” or “make offer”. You can also run an auction, which however is paid in advance (this does not guarantee that they will be sold).

sedo.com – Daily Visitors: 277,292

Traffic by Country:

India 54,349 (20%)

China 29,393 (11%)

United States 17,192 (6.0%)

Turkey 15,806 (6.0%)

Spain 12,201 (4.0%)


Where to park your domains?


If you are wondering where to park your domains and receive passive income from them with two hands will vote for Bodis – a great platform and very easy to use, even by people with little knowledge, very intuitive and easy dashboard.

This is how it’s look Bodis parking page

Bodis parking page

I hope you find it helpful 🙂

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