It’s time to start acting on our goals that we set at the end of 2016.

Each of us has a crappy domain names (I guess so), I will not mention mine, so as not to offend buyers, but Each train has its passengers.

Do you know Pareto 80/20 rule? The rule is that 80% of your profit comes from 20% of your sales (20% of your portfolio), but the question is what to do with the remaining 80% of our portfolio?

I’ll tell you a short story … Maybe about a month ago in one of my posts in NamePros I wrote that my goal for 2017 is to sell or to drop 80% of the domains that I own. So one morning about two weeks  ago I decided to act, I do not delete these 80% of the domains, but I decided to sell them and to sell them with a profit… small profit, but still profit.

So I told myself that I will not invest in advertising, auctions, etc., I will take advantage of the free options on the Internet, NamePros marketplace, Flippa portfolio, Undeveloped, Facebook groups, my Twitter account, LinkedIn and of course sending emails, for emails I will write another time, let’s focus now.

Sell via Facebook

On the day that I decided to start I made my first sale, 5 domains with different extensions (.eu, .info, .biz, and one .com), which anyway I was going to drop. I combine these 5 domain names as a package to look a little more attractive and I took advantage of the new options that Facebook offer to page owners (I guess you know about them) I decided to write a note and share it on my personal profile as well and in several Facebook groups targeting domains. I created the impression that the offer is for a short period to be able to quickly attract a potential buyer… In the late afternoon of the same day I received a message from a person with the question of how to pay and how to do the transfer.

Here’s what it looks like (example)


Job done, the deal was completed in less than 30 minutes and the money was in my account. Here are some details, all domains were hand Reg. registered in GD, the total amount spent on the purchase was less than $ 50 and the amount for which they sold was $ 250, after PayPal commission  – about $ 10 I had a net profit of $ 190, is not many, but profit is the goal.

When we receive an offer from domain marketplace

The next domain that I sold was a bit of luck … one brandable domain which I owned for a year and a half, so spent about $ 20 to that moment when I got the offer in Undeveloped for $ 100, I reply $ 600, the buyer made a new offer $ 150, at this time I decided to change tactics and wrote him a message that today I feel bored and would have done the deal now at $ 250, but he must think fast, because I usually change my mind very quickly 🙂 …. I sold the domain after 10 minutes priced at $ 250.

NamePros always helps

The next 4 domains were sold at NamePros, again I used the free method.  The numbers are small and there was no profit in this deals, but at least I removed several domains from my portfolio without a loss.

Let me summarize: for those two weeks I sold 10 domain, the amount paid for these 10 domains is about $ 110, commissions paid $ 47, total sales of $ 540, net profit $ 383. The time spent on placing ads, and to transfer domains is about three hours, this makes an average of $ 127 per hour …. not much, but it is always good when you do not lose and most importantly I started to realize my goal for 2017.

I hope you liked it because it cost me two hours without profit 🙂


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