We love the art of negotiation, so we make it simple.


NO registration
NO contract
NO middleman
NO commission

We send you leads to sell your domain fast and hassle free.

Dommt sends you buyers requests. Reply to the ones you think are suitable by contacting them directly.


The consumer lands on our portal and fills out the request form. Before we send the requests to live, we will first personally evaluate all the aspects of the requests.


Start downloading detailed buyers requests. Get only those that seem most appropriate and you are convinced that you have a domain suitable for the buyer.


We will give you all the necessary information, You get in touch with the buyer, preferably via email, to present your best domain.


Agree with the buyer and make a deal. Both parties are responsible and free to choose how payments will be made and the transfer of the domain will be handled.

We are proud of our work.

Domaining made easy, let Dommt look after you!