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Why is it more profitable to invest in domains than in Google shares

I found an old topic ( from 2010 ) in NamePros, where someone has been put up for sale 4 letter .COM domains with BIN option and I became interested, so I decided to check whether it was more profitable to invest $250 in one Google share or with this $250 to buy ten 4 Letter .com domains.

I will not publish domains, because they are not mine … however, I prefer to invest in two word domains

Hello everyone.

I’ve the following LLLL.com for sale.

You can find the price, registrar and expiration date.

Payment through Paypal from user with 3+ Itrader.

Post “SOLD” to claim.

Thank you.


R***.com October-2010 25$

R***.com October-2010 25$

D***.com July-2010 22$

F***.com July-2010 22$

O***.com July-2010 22$

Q***.com May-2010 22$

U***.com July-2010 10$

L***.com July-2010 10$

L***.com July-2010 10$ SOLD

L***.com July-2010 10$

Total price for the 10 domains: $ 178


During this period, shares of Google have traded at a price of

Date                      Open          High            Low           Close

Mar 26, 2010      282.35        283.41        279.73          281.06



So with the $ 178 we could buy 10 x LLLL.com or for $ 282 x 1 Google share, and at today’s prices gets pretty interesting …..

10 x LLLL.com at an average price of $ 480 for a domain is equal to $ 4,800, but what happens to the shares of Google today – currently one share is traded at a price of $ 732.01 – Mar. 24 2016.

So 10 domain today would bring a net profit of around $ 4600, while one share of Google will fetch only about $ 520 – do not forget the $ 100 difference in favor of the domains.

Realistically, we can lost about $ 4,000 for a period of six years …… if we do not invest our money wisely.


P.S. To my regret, in 2010 I had not heard anything about domains 🙂


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