Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs, our service is FREE for both parties, domain buyers & domain sellers. We don’t charge commission on your sale, and everything you make is yours to keep.

Do I get the buyer’s email address?

Yes. We will give you their Name and email address and all the information that they provide us in terms of the domain that they are looking for.

How many domains can I send?

We strictly recommend to stick with one domain to every buyer, simply select the most appropriate, but there is no set limits.

How much can I download?

You can download an unlimited number of leads, the price of each of them is fixed at $0,00, Yes it's FREE, but you can promote your domain names with us. Please see "Promote Your Domain" page.

Still need help? Contact the support team

Drop an email to get in touch with us, one of our support team will reply to you regarding your enquiry as soon as possible. 

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