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What I learned about domains in the last year and why I invest primarily in two word .COM Domains.

If you want to make serious money from domains, you must have a premium domains, something like LL.COM, LLL.COM or a dictionary word .COM, these domains sell for hundreds of dollars and even a single sale can make your life easier, but do not lose confidence, if you are now entering the world of domains or do not want to invest huge amount of money, there is still a way to start.

Currently we live in a time where technology is developing rapidly and new niches can be found every day, all this gives us a huge space for action, if you are wondering what I mean I’ll tell you, discover the world of two words .COM domains.

Why two word .COM domains

Most likely they will not be sold for millions, but can get you a decent income from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Choose words that are relevant to the time in which we live. It would not be appropriate, for example, to select a word describing  “service” or “subject” that are not in use in these days. It would be nice these words to create meaningful combination, they are easy to say, spell, and remember.

Here are some of the domains that I’ve bought over the last six months

  • AlarmTesting.com
  • CrispyMint.com
  • EyeMonitoring.com
  • GirlsProblems.com
  • GlobalWearable.com
  • HoverboardLessons.com
  • InsureVirtual.com
  • StreetBarista.com
  • TransferSquare.com
  • WisePlumber.com

Two words domains sold in the last 4 days

To get a better idea see list below

lendingkey.com 7,500 USD 2016-02-25 Sedo
brightwater.com 3,737 USD 2016-02-25 NameJet
idealpartners.com 3,730 USD 2016-02-25 BuyDomains
uaeproperties.com 3,500 USD 2016-02-25 GoDaddy
hyperswitch.com 3,200 USD 2016-02-25 BuyDomains
accidentkit.com 2,888 USD 2016-02-25 BuyDomains
thescience.com 2,766 USD 2016-02-25 NameJet
carpoolnow.com 1,852 USD 2016-02-25 BuyDomains
petcemeteries.com 1,724 USD 2016-02-25 GoDaddy
admachines.com 1,500 USD 2016-02-25 BuyDomains
theultimatelife.com 1,500 USD 2016-02-25 BuyDomains
functionalfit.com 1,500 USD 2016-02-25 BuyDomains
letterprinting.com 1,200 USD 2016-02-25 BuyDomains
backweb.com 1,060 USD 2016-02-25 NameJet
citydump.com 1,025 USD 2016-02-25 GoDaddy
whocalled.com 5,007 USD 2016-02-24 DropCatch
textilerestoration.com 3,291 USD 2016-02-24 BuyDomains
stockvaluation.com 1,900 USD 2016-02-24 NameJet
bigbencasino.com 1,817 USD 2016-02-24 Sedo
forliairport.com 1,801 USD 2016-02-24 DropCatch
winday.com 1,575 USD 2016-02-24 GoDaddy
approvednow.com 1,500 USD 2016-02-24 BuyDomains
questconsulting.com 1,301 USD 2016-02-24 NameJet
paradisehill.com 1,210 USD 2016-02-24 NameJet
globalgrid.com 1,009 USD 2016-02-24 NameJet
leotech.com 20,000 USD 2016-02-23 Sedo
appmetrics.com 10,149 USD 2016-02-23 GoDaddy
spywareblockers.com 7,600 USD 2016-02-23 GoDaddy
eggdonors.com 5,200 USD 2016-02-23 NameJet
toyphotography.com 2,888 USD 2016-02-23 BuyDomains
deserttrip.com 2,625 USD 2016-02-23 BuyDomains
virtualshoebox.com 2,316 USD 2016-02-23 BuyDomains
happybiker.com 2,241 USD 2016-02-23 BuyDomains
patriotpark.com 2,000 USD 2016-02-23 BuyDomains
livessentials.com 1,716 USD 2016-02-23 BuyDomains
globalautomation.com 1,433 USD 2016-02-23 NameJet
salesrecruiter.com 1,176 USD 2016-02-23 GoDaddy
bluezone.com 5,199 USD 2016-02-22 NameJet
austincondo.com 2,439 USD 2016-02-22 NameJet
greyghost.com 2,280 USD 2016-02-22 NameJet
bestdesserts.com 2,244 USD 2016-02-22 BuyDomains
familylaundry.com 2,000 USD 2016-02-22 BuyDomains
3dhouse.com 1,861 USD 2016-02-22 Pheenix
dailyheadaches.com 1,500 USD 2016-02-22 BuyDomains
glassmart.com 1,378 USD 2016-02-22 NameJet
robertschmidt.com 1,244 USD 2016-02-22 BuyDomains
farmhouseliving.com 1,144 USD 2016-02-22 BuyDomains
imageshot.com 1,000 USD 2016-02-22 Flippa

Take a second opinion

This is all my opinion and currently is part of my strategy for investing in domain names, but to make things more clear, I recommend you read the following post (How To Pick Two Word Domains ) written by Ali Zandi in his blog.

Good luck and invest smart 🙂

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